Professional Websites for your Ostrich-Related Business

aoa logoThe American Ostrich Association is offering their members the opportunity to present their business with a professional and independent website designed just for them. The information will be in their own words and with their accompanying photos at a very low price. Being the national trade association for the American ostrich industry, no one could understand the business components of ostrich ranching and products better then the experienced members that have collaborated to bring this unique opportunity to the membership.

Ostrich Business Categories available for a mini-site are:

  • Rancher/Grower/Producer
  • Meat Processor/Packer
  • Buyer or Supplier of Ostrich Meat or Products
  • Hide Buyer or Supplier
  • Ostrich Feed/Equipment/Supplies
  • Rendering/Oil
  • Ostrich Transport
  • Ostrich Hatchery

View the demo websites:

Please view the demo websites and select a template option that best fits your ostrich-related business. When reviewing the demos, you may select the other template options and style variations via links under the Home menu item. Make your selection based on the demo design and layout, not the sample content which will be replaced with your content. Any of the above categories can be an AOA mini-site with your text and photos.

Ostrich Websites option 3
Ostrich Websites option 1
Ostrich Websites option 2
Ostrich Websites option 2
Ostrich Websites option 1
Ostrich Websites option 3

How it works? Very simple.

Price: Members have the opportunity of choosing an individual, professionally-developed, mobile-friendly website to represent their Ostrich or Ostrich-related business at a very low price. Visit for pricing.

The website: Members submit a support ticket by email with the text, photos and logo they wish to have on the website, along with the website design they selected from the available demos. A confirming e-mail will acknowledge receipt and estimate the date the site will be available for review. After review, the site is launched to the internet.

Being found: The website is now available to be found independently on the internet by all the major search engines. Whether from a desktop or a mobile device, the website will be found if the searched text matches data shown on the website. Example: “Ostrich in Hoboken” will return websites that display that text, or “Ostrich Meat Company” will return all those as well. In addition, visitors to the busy AOA website can type a request in the Association search box and receive a link to the appropriate website as well.

Maintaining: Things change, seasons change, priorities change, photos change. Changes are handled in a similar fashion as the set-up. Members submit a support ticket with requested modifications and the site is updated. Annual unlimited changes are included in the initial set-up and for a small renewal fee added to the annual membership renewal each year.

The American Ostrich Association is dedicated to providing these services to assist our members with achieving the success they have earned and deserve.